Slots Variations

Video Slots vs. Reel Machines

Since the slot machines had been first designed there have been quite a lot of different types of machines, which have been introduced in casinos. The symbols on the reels have been different - from poker hands to fruits and even cartoon characters. The reels on the slot machines too have been different. Video slots vs. Reel machines - there are quite a lot of basic differences between them.

Video Slots

Up to 20 paylines

Confusing for freshmen

Players believe to have a better chance to win

Players cannot count the spent money


Only one payline

No skills needed

Only luck defines the winner

Only luck defines the winner

The Reel machines

The reel machines are also known as the 3 reel slots. These slot machines are quite simple in design. There are only three reels and they have one payline. One of the most important features of the reel machines is that they actually have physical reels on which there are symbols. When a player pulls the lever these reels spin. All of the older slot machines were of this kind and had physical reels.

There are quite a lot of players who prefer to play these traditional reel machines where the machines have real reels. These reels are controlled by computer program which would decide where the reels would stop once they stop spinning. The reel machines quite often have lower amount of jackpots when compared to five reel video slots.

Video slot machines

Over the years the video slot machines had been introduced. Video slot machines can have three reels, five reels or even more. However, the five reel video slots are the ones which are the most popular. One of the most noteworthy features about the video slot machines is that there are no actual reels inside these machines. The game is displayed on a screen and there are virtual reels, which start to rotate once the button is pressed.

The reels are all computerized and, hence, there is a lot of difference in the symbols and the combinations which you can meet. For this reason, there are bigger jackpots for some very rare symbol combinations. Another interesting fact of video slot machines is that there are more than one paylines on these slot machines. Some of these machines may have as many as 50 paylines and allow players to bet as many as 10 coins for every payline. In many video slots players can actually bet $10 for every spin.

However, this also gets a little confusing for the players, since they don’t really know how much they are supposed to bet for every spin. Again, these machines convert the coins into credits, so the players don’t really know how much is left on their card or how much they have ended up spending on the slot machine.

Video slots vs. Reel machines - which ones are better?

There is a reason why the video slot machines have become so popular in land based as well as online casinos. This is because of the fact that most players believe that there are better chances to win on the video slots because of the multiple paylines than the reel machines.

However, there are quite a lot of players who like the look, feel and the entire experience of playing on the traditional reel machines.