Slots Variations

What is Video Poker?

Video poker is a type of slot machine and it is quite popular within players from all over the world because it is actually quite simple to learn. Players who play poker can very easily play video poker. However, even those who do not really know how to play poker well can play video poker. The only thing that the players have to know is the strength of the hands. However, in most machines the strength of the hands are displayed on the machine itself.

The basics

Unlike poker itself, video poker is not played against any opponents. The players play video poker against the house. The goal is not to have the best hand but in fact to have a hand which is strong enough to get paid. There will be a pay table which will appear on the screen and will show much the hands are all worth. A pair of jacks is usually the minimum that the player will need in order to win any money at all. The payouts will get stronger as the strength of the hands grows.

In order to play, the player will have to insert the coins in the machine. The player can put as many coins in the machine as he/she wants to bet with. Once the coins are inserted the layer can then press deal or draw or just press the max coins button. The player will be dealt five cards just like in real poker.

There are several buttons on the machine which the player can push in order to discard the hand or to bet on it. Once the player selects the cards which he/she wants to keep, the draw or deal button has to be pressed for getting the new cards. If the new hand is stronger the player will get credits according to the pay table.

The variations

The main type of video poker machine which can be seen is the Jacks or the Better machine. However, there are several other variations of video poker which can be seen too. the Joker Poker and the Deuces Wild are the other two immensely popular versions of vide poker. In these variations, the joker or the deuce can be used as a wild card to make it into any card. This makes it easier to make better hands and the pay of those hands would be determined accordingly.

Apart from these there are progressive jackpot video poker machines too which are very popular. These video poker machines offer a large payout for making a royal flush. All of the video poker machines are hooked onto the progressive jackpot and pay the jackpots from the same pool which makes the amount of jackpot quite large. A royal flush is quite a difficult hand but if you can get it, it might just change your life. However, in order to be eligible to win the large progressive jackpot you will have to bet the maximum coins for every hand in the game.