Slots Variations

Slot machines in the USA

Slot machines have been a big hit ever since they had first been designed and launched at the casinos. Today, there are several different types of slot machines, which can be found in both online and land based casinos. Quite a lot of us would have come across the term “American slot machines”, while the British call them fruit machines or the UK pub slots. So what are they really?

If we classify the types of slot machines according to regions, one of these can be classified as the American slot machines. These are the ones which are most commonly seen today in large numbers in most Las Vegas casinos. These machines are easy to play and for this reason they are popular not just in the US but also in other parts of the world.

History of American Slot Machines

The history of the American slot machines can be traced back to 1930s. This had also been the time, when the modern slot machines had been introduced to the players through the casinos. Initially, the American slot machines had not been as famous as they are today and after years of pain, the machines eventually found their way to the casinos in Las Vegas. The Flamingo Hotel had been the first casino, where these slot machines had first been made available.

The peak in the history of the American slot machines had been in the 1980s. It was during that time that the American slot machines became more profitable to the casinos. Today, the slot machines account for around 70-80% of the profits of the casinos. Even the Las Vegas airport has slot machines since Nevada has lenient rules when it comes to the regulations of slot machines. In fact, all across Las Vegas, American slot machines can be found in private as well as in public halls.

Laws Regarding American Slot Machines

Except for Nevada, the other states also allow slot machines, though the laws and regulations are stricter. Every state in the US has different regulations and laws when it comes to the use of American slot machines. There are even specific rules regarding online slots. The American slot machines are categorized in different classifications.

Categorization of American Slot Machines

The American slot machines are categorized as Class II or Class III slot machines. Every state has different rules regarding this classification. The classification of the slot machines is regulated by the lottery commission of the states.

The Class II American slot machines are known as the video lottery terminals, which are connected to a central computer system. This system regulates and decides the results of every game. The Class III slots are not connected to any computer systems and these are the traditional American slot machines. In Atlantic City and Nevada state the slots, which can be seen in the casinos, are usually all of the Class III slot machines.

American slot machines have made their mark on casinos all over the world ever since they had been first launched. These machines are very easy to play and do not require any type of special skill.