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Space Theme in Online Video Slots

Space has now become an unconquered frontier which holds a lot of fascinations for mankind. As a result, this has led to the creation of a large number of space themed online video slots. Some of the most popular slot games based on the space theme are such as Cosmic Quest by Rival Gaming, Outta Space Adventure by Cryptologic, Outta This World by Realtime Gaming and The Great Galaxy Grab by Microgaming. Some of these games such as Conquest of Outer Space and others have intrigued television series and movie makers. Online video slots that are based on space theme have become more exciting and given video slots a new lease of life.

Space themed video slots normally feature antagonistic intergalactic travelers or comical, friendly aliens who normally kidnap humans at night while sleeping in their beds. Playing space- exploration games is pure fun and will help you understand life in the other part of the world. Space themed video slots are evidence of application of science fiction action in the world of online casino gaming. Some of the common video slots based on this theme are designed around some aliens that are both scary and comical. The background of reels in these slot games is filled with space images ranging from planets to stars and asteroid fields.

Space-Themed Slots Features

The animated graphics in the video slots make the games more pleasing to a large number of online casino players. All the symbols in the game come with special graphics, animations and use of special sound that reflects the space. When you achieve a big win, you will be thrilled to see the screen lighting up awesomely which will leave you sitting at your seat edge. Space themed online video slots come with an amazing comical appearance that tries to show you how aliens from space look. The slots also feature different alien characters which you interact with along the way. In most of the space themed online betting slots, betting usually starts at $0.01 or lower per payline. This can be increased to the bet of $0.25 per line and allow the player to wager 5 coins per each line. Space themed online video slots also feature all the standard slot game controls which make these particular slots easy to play.

One of the most common slot features that you can find in space themed online slots is the re- spin feature which is triggered every time you achieve a win. An interesting space machine is displayed at your screen with aliens in it and the action starts. The machine makes the symbols which produce the win to be cloned on reels as you spin and this comes with the potential of achieving even larger winnings. Some space themed video slots online will also come with stacked wild feature which appears on 5 reel games. This matches the other game symbols as most of the video slots do not have dedicated bonus symbols. Some online themed video slots can offer you up to 40 paylines, this means that you stand a chance of winning 400, 000 coins in one spin.