Slots Variations

Slot Machine Classification - Types of the Games

The classification of slot machines is based on the rules of some states, which restrict the use of the slots in casinos or in special areas of gaming. Basically, the classification of slot machines divides the slots into two categories: Class II and Class III.

Class II Slot Machines

The Class II category of slot machines is the video lottery terminal, which is also known as VLT. These slot machines are connected to a computer centralized system that decides the outcomes of all the bets. The Class II machines, in fact, are similar to the lottery tickets and all players have an equal probability of winning the prizes. The slot machines are all chance-based games. In order to be classified as a Class II slot machine game, it should possess all the necessary features of the Class II game. However, the Class II slot machines are not as strictly regulated by the government as the Class III machines.

Characteristics of Class II Category of Games:

  • In class II games, the player would be competing for a prize against the other players. There is one common prize, for which all the players will be competing against each other.
  • There is a winner in every single game. The game will go on until the winner is chosen.
  • In one particular set there only can be a fixed number of losses and wins, and no less or no more. Like in scratch cards pack, one winning combination cannot appear again in the same pack. Similarly, in class II games every game depends on the previous games.
  • The player, taking part in the game, should be an active participant.
  • Every player will play from the same set of symbols or numbers as they are being announced.  

Class III Slot Machines

The class III slot machines are also known as the traditional slot machines. The Class III slot machines are not based on any centralized computer system and operate individually. These are the traditional slot machines, which are normally seen in all the casinos in Atlantic City and in Las Vegas. These machines are also known as Vegas style machines. There are several different types of Class III slot machines but all of them work in the same way and based on the same principles.

All the traditional slot machines work on the Random Number Generator, which decides the outcome of every single spin. The chances of winning remain the same for every spin. Every time the button of the slot machine is pushed or the lever is pulled, the RNG decides where the reels will stop and the outcome of the bet.

Characteristics of Class III Category of Games:

The main characteristics of the Class III games are given below:

  • In the Class III games, the player has to play against the casino rather than competing against each other.
  • There is a possibility that the player can lose the game.
  • The result of the game never depends on the previous game. There could be any outcome during the game.
  • The results of the game are announced automatically.