Slots Variations

Slots Basics - Rules You Are to Know

There are several different types of slot machines which can be found in the casinos today. However, even the modern slot machines still have the original look to make them feel more authentic. Slot machines are quite famous among gamblers of all ages, however, not many players know how slot machines work or the basics of slot machines. In order to ensure that the machines give fair results every time, modern technology is used in the slot machines these days.

How slot machines work

Every time the button of the slot machine is pressed, the results which are shown are controlled by a computer program. Step motors are used by the program in order to determine the exact moment at which the reels will stop spinning and thereby deciding whether it will line up on the pay line or not. This program is known as Random Number Generator which decides when to pay the player and when to not. Today, every slot machine has a Random Number Generator.

Out of millions of numbers, the RNG randomly chooses a combination of three numbers for machines that have three reels every time the button is pressed. These three numbers chosen by RNG will decide when the reels will stop rotating. For this reason, every spin has an equal chance of hitting the jackpot.

The process

How slot machines work with the help of this computer program is quite complicated and in fact quite interesting. In a three reel slot machine, when a player hits the button or pulls the handle, the RNG starts its work. The program chooses three numbers randomly from a list of millions of numbers. These three numbers decide where the three reels will stop. Each of these numbers corresponds to a symbol on the reels. Therefore, once the number is chosen, the symbol corresponding to that number of the reel will be displayed when it stops spinning.

In most slot machines that are in the casinos today, there are typically around 15 to 25 stops on the reels. When the button is pushed and the RNG selects a particular number, the computer will refer to the table where each stop on the reel corresponds to a particular stop in the actual reel. This is how it is decided where the reel will actually stop every time.

There are quite a lot of more stops on virtual reels when compared to actual reels. If all the three reels stop at a position which is a paying combination, the player will get paid for that particular spin and so on. Winning a jackpot at slot machines though is quite difficult since there are very slim chances of hitting the button at the same moment as the RNG picks out all three of the winning numbers which correspond to the three jackpot winning symbols.

Since it is quite difficult, or even impossible to predict where each spin will stop, it is not possible for players to really do anything to guarantee a jackpot win. However, it is exactly for this reason that the slot machines are so exciting for players. Some believe that Japenese Pachinko brings more bonuses, some suppose that British Gee Gees will bring you jackpot.