Slots Variations

What is Slot Machine?

Online slots machines are one of the most popular games in casinos today which are favored by people of all age groups. On any given day or night in a casino, the slot machines are always packed with gamblers. Slot machines come in several different playing levels with a wide variety of betting options. Although slot machines are a gambling tool, for some players who are intimidated by the big bets on the table games, the slot machines are the only way to experience exhilaration and delight.

An introduction to slot machines

As a basic description, slot machines are mechanical devices which employ three, four or even more reels of several different dimensions. The video slot machines use video reels rather than using physical reels. Every reel, whether it is physical or virtual, will have different symbols on it. The symbols could be just about anything: numbers, fruits, bells or any other type of characters. One of the most favorite characters on the slot machine reels is number 7, which can be seen in almost all types of slot machines today.

The slot machine has many names in different parts of the world. For example, the UK has fruit machines and the USA is proud of the one-armed bandits. The symbols don’t really matter much. However, what it is important is how much they pay and in what conditions can a player earn from these symbols. The modern slot machines can be seen today in almost all the casinos. Today even the online casinos have slot machines which are quite well made and are attractively decorated.

How to play slot machines

Today there are several different types of slot machines available in both land based and online casinos. However, all of these work on the same principle. The player has to put in one or more coins in the slot and pull the handle. When the player pulls the handle or presses the button, the reels will spin. When the reel stops spinning if the pay symbols are revealed, the player will win. The payoffs for these symbols will be determined by the scale which is marked on the pay chart which would be displayed on the slot machine.

Slot machine is the easiest game to play in the casinos. Though some of the modern slots can look quite complicated with their fancy displays and graphics, they all still work the same way. If the player lines up one of the several paying combinations on the line, he/she would win. On several slot machines there are more than one pay lines. On these slot machines the players can line up more winning lines at the same time.

Random Number Generator

All the slot machines today work on a program known as the Random Number Generator. The manufacturers can determine the odds of the machine while producing it which is adjustable. The Random Number Generator works constantly and produces combinations of numbers every few times a second because of which the slot machine would constantly spit out the combination of symbols which can be seen on the slot machine. For a player to win the jackpot, the button has to be pushed at exactly the same moment as the RNG produces a jackpot winning number combination, the chances of which are very rare.

Playing Slots Online

When playing slot machines online there are a few things you might want to know. The most obvious question you need answered is what is the best casino software that offers slots? The main software companies that make slots for online consumption are: Playtech, RTG, Rival, Microgaming and Vegas Technology. Our favorite online slots are found at the VT casinos. However for the best list of casinos by software is found on the site. They also list the casinos by software and have game reviews with snapshots, etc. Be careful when playing online. Always select a casino from a reputable source.