Slots Variations

Types of Slot Machines

When slot machines had first been invented, there had been just one basic version of the slot machine. Over the years the slot machines became so popular that several different varieties of slot machines had been invented and introduced. Today, when a player visits a casino, he/she can choose from endless varieties of slot machines. Even the online casinos have an astounding array of slot machines to offer today to the players.

This new and large variety of slot machines offers plenty of choices to gamblers. Players can choose the type of machine that they are comfortable with and which they think would give them a better chance of winning the jackpot. Winning the large jackpot might be rare, but for this rare opportunity most players play the slot machines.

3-reel one-armed bandits

The 3-reel one-armed bandits might seem to be a peculiar name for a slot machine but these are one of the most popular types of slot machines. These machines have three reels and are very traditional in nature. When the player sits to play on these slot machines, he will notice a lever on the left hand side which looks like a hand. Since there is only one lever the machine is known as one-armed. As for the word bandit, the slot machine is called a bandit as it is very addictive and takes away every single penny from the player once he/she begins playing.

Video slot machines

The video slot machines are the latest in the slot machine technology. These slot machines are quite different than the traditional slot machines. The traditional slot machines have physical reels on which the symbols are printed. However, in video slot machines there are no real reels. These slot machines have virtual reels instead of physical reels.

In video slot machines players can choose from three, five or more reels. Also, in video slot machines there are multiple paylines instead of just one. Most players today choose video slot machines since they believe that the chances of winning a prize in video slot machine is higher since there are multiple pay lines.

Progressive slot machines

The progressive slot machines are quite different than the regular traditional slot machines. The progressive slot machines can be stand alone machines or can be linked to several other slot machines within the casino and even to the other casinos. The main difference in these slot machines is that the jackpots are progressive. What this means is that a small percentage of every bet made on these machines is collected to create the jackpot. There is a large screen on top of the slot machine which displays the ever growing jackpot amount.