Slots Variations

History of Slot Machines

The history and the evolution of slot machines is quite interesting. Over the decades, since the first slot machine had first been invented, the slots have undergone quite a lot of changes. The slots which we see today are quite different than what they had been years ago.

The invention

The history of the slot machines began in the year 1891 when it had first been designed by Pitt and Sittman in New York. This original machine had five drums which had displayed various poker hands. There hadn’t been any payback mechanism. For this reason, all the card rooms and establishments which had bought the slot machines had decided the prizes on their own which were generally free drinks.

The first ever true slot machine had been designed by Charles Fey, in his basement. This machine had been called Liberty Bell but it didn’t really get much success in the initial years until they had been installed in Las Vegas in the well known Flamingo Hilton Hotel.

The first true slot machine

The slot machine which had been made by Charles Fey had been quite different than the slots we see today. The machine had been made of cast iron and had weighed more than 100 pounds. The fruit symbols which are commonly seen in slot machines today had been present. Instead, there had been symbols like spades, diamonds, horseshoes and stars. The machine gave a payout of 50% to winners which had been quite substantial. In Reno, the Liberty Belle Saloon still has that original machine which had been designed by Fey.

Later, the Operator Bell machine had the fruit designs which became quite famous since then.

The anti-gambling movement

Over the years the anti-gambling movement kicked up and in the year 1909 the slot machines were declared to be illegal in San Francisco. One year later they were illegal in both California and Nevada. By the 1930s, the slot machines were very vehemently opposed.

Later, Bugsy Siegel changed things for the slot machines. The Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas was built by Bugsy and he had been among the first ones to fill up the casino with slot machines in order to keep the wives and girlfriends of the players occupied while they played at the gambling tables.

The evolution of slot machines

It was in the 60s that the slot machines became electronic. The mechanical slots were taken over by the electronic slots. The electronic slots had been more secure and more sophisticated and it was harder for the players to cheat on these slot machines.

It was later in the 70s that the random number generator and microchips had been used in the slot machines. The slots advanced along with the microchips and in the 80s all the casinos had switched over to the slot machines that used the microchips. Today, even the online casinos have slot machines. The history and evolution of slot machines has been quite interesting and over the years they have come a long way.

It seems that each country that tried the slot machines decided to introduce its own version or at least the name. Thus, the Great Britain made up fruit machines, Australia invented pokies. Japana went further and brought Pachinko, which reminds of pinball, and Pachisuro, which is a modern version of Pachinko.