Slots Variations

Slot Machine Families

Slot machines are one of the most popular games in casinos today. Ever since they had first been launched, they became an instant hit. Since then there have been several different slot machines which have been launched. Some of these slot machines became regarded to be the classics and became the most well known and popular machines in the history of slot machines. Even today, many of these can be found in most casinos throughout the world and are still popular.

The Big Bertha slot machines

When the slot machines had been first made, they gained popularity very soon. Soon enough the slot machines manufacturers were in a race to make the best slot machines. Very soon, every one wanted to make the biggest slot machine possible. This is how the Big Bertha slot machines had been first made. The Big Bertha slot machines had been massive and were made from cast iron. They worked on a five horsepower motor. These slot machines offered a vey low odds for winning the jackpot prize but had nevertheless been quite popular when they had first been launched.

The Diamond slot machines

The Diamond slot machines have been immensely popular ever since the time they had first been launched. The popularity of these slot machines had been so high that over the years the manufacturers had constantly upgraded these machines in order to offer something new to the slot machine players. These machines had been launched first in the 1980s and had the classic look which made them instantly recognizable.

Megabucks slot machines

The Megabucks slot machines are the machines which offer jackpots to the players who love paylines. The classic slot machine has 5 reels and a 60-payline slot machine. Megabucks is famous for offering extremely large progressive jackpots. In fact, they are known to be one of the largest ever jackpots in the world. The jackpots offered by Megabucks slot machines can be anywhere between $8,000,000 to more than $39,000,000. These slot machines are so legendary that there are several myths, curses, stories and legends about them.

Playboy slot machines

The Playboy slot machines can be seen today in almost all casinos throughout the world. The world famous logo of the rabbit head has become quite common on most casino floors today. Over the years these playboy slot machines have become very popular with slot machine players. The gambling industry has had a long affiliation with Playboy ever since the playboy themed casinos had first been launched. Bally Games and Playboy had teamed up to create their own line of Playboy slots which become an instant hit with the players.

Wheel of Fortune slot machines

The Wheel of Fortune slot machines are based on the very popular television show, Wheel of Fortune. There are several different versions of these slot machines available in casinos today. The wheel of fortune slot machines had been manufactured and developed by IGT group and these are one of the most played slot machines in casinos all over the US and even in the other parts of the world.