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Playboy Slot Machines

Playboy slot machines can be seen today in almost all casinos all over the world. The world famous logo of the rabbit head has become quite common on casino floors today. Over the years the playboy slot machines have become quite popular with slot machine players. The gambling industry has had a long affiliation with Playboy. Bally Games and Playboy had teamed up to create their own line of Playboy slots which become an instant hit with the casino-goers.

The Playboy themed casinos

The Playboy themed casinos had been launched by Hugh Hefner in the 60s and the 70s. However, when the English and the American authorities started over regulating the casinos, Hugh Hefner got out of the casino business. In New Jersey the authorities even made it a point that the Playboy themed casinos would get a license only if Hugh Hefner would not be involved with them.

The English authorities too had pulled out the license from the London casino. In the 80s, the Playboy casinos were all but gone from the UK when the Arab sheiks became a regular fixture there.

The Playboy slot machines

However, things changed for Playboy when the Wheel of Fortune machines were longed. The Wheel of Fortune slot machines combined the large progressive jackpots along with its famous brand name and became the most successful machine in the history of slot machines. Later, in the year 1998 Playboy and Bally Games signed a deal together to introduce a new slot machine. Today there are several different variations of the Playboy slot machines on the market.

The first ever slot machine which was introduced had been the Playboy Bonus Frenzy. This slot machine had quite a lot of different bonus features. There had been 10 and 100 bonus credits and 1 to 5 re-spin options for any winning combination. There had been multipliers of 2,5 and 10 on these machines. The multiplier symbols featured the Playboy playmates.

The different versions

After the Playboy bonus frenzy had been launched, the next machine to be launched had been the Playboy Playmate Frenzy. This had been quite similar to the original machine but had higher jackpots. The high end bonus had been 10,000 credits which made it quite profitable for the big prize winners. This machine had been based on the old fashioned blue, yellow and red 7 symbols. The bonuses had the rabbit logo along with designs by Femlin.

The third in the list had been the Playboy Playmate Times Frenzy. The high bonus was the same of the 10,000 credits. This bonus could be won when three rabbit logos appeared on the right payline. There were a lot of bonus multipliers.

The Playboy slot machines had the standard 3 reels and 3 credits and the bonus had four reel feature. However, the fourth reel would multiply the pots which are already won.

No nudity

When the name Playboy is mentioned the first word that comes to mind is nudity. However when it comes to Playboy slot machines, there is no nudity at all. So, players who are hoping for a little nudity when they win the jackpot would be a little disappointed.