Slots Variations

The Pachisuro Machines

In the gambling industry, the slot machines have always been popular in all parts of the world. In Japan the newest edition in the gaming industry have been the “Pachisuro machines”. Basically, these are Japanese slot machines which are quite attractive because of their colorful designs. Also, these machines are quite easy to operate and offer an outcome of around 90 to 160%.

The Pachisuro machines

In the game offered by the Pachisuro machines, the goal is to make three reels show the same figures and symbols in order to increase your profit. These machines are all controlled by several integrated circuits and have six different levels which change the probability of getting the jackpot winning combinations. In order to get the jackpot the player will have to get the 777 combination to win the highest reward possible. The game Pachisuro is the descendant of the older and more famous pachinko games.

The Pachisuro machines are the next generation of the older version of the more traditional Pachinko machines. Even though the Las Vegas styles slot machines are quite popular in Japan, the Pachisuro machines are even more popular with the locals since the patrons are loyal to these machines. The Pachisuro machines are known to be beatable and for this reason they are known to be so popular. There are six different levels of the integrated circuit in the machines which give the odds of 90% to around 160%.

According to most people, the local parlors intentionally put in a few loose machines in order to attract more players. These machines can pay a maximum of 15 coins per play. Though these seem to be quite low, the Big Bonus is between 400-711 coins and the Regular Bonus is around 110 coins. However, the payout of 15 coins is known to occur quite continuously.

Unique Features of the Machines

The unique features of the Pachisuro machines are the Tenjoo, Renchan and Stock. On several machines when enough money is taken in to afford the bonus, the bonus will not be awarded immediately. Generally, the game will just stop the reels slip off the bonus symbols for some games. If the player is not able to hit the bonus during these games, the bonus will be added to the stock and would be collected for later use. In several games today, after the bonus round is finished, the probability to release an additional stock is set.

Because of this, if a player is very lucky, he/she might even win several different bonus rounds in one row which makes it possible to win large payouts of 5000 or even 10,000 coins. The Stock is the biggest lure in these machines and the possibility of Renchan attracts gamblers who keep on paying money to these machines. There is also a maximum limit on the number of games between the release of the stock. If for example the tenjo is 1500 and since then if 1490 games have already been played, it is guaranteed that the bonus will be released in the next 10 games.