Slots Variations

Online Slots Come in All Shapes and Sizes

You are never short of variety when playing slots online. With a wide range of free slots and paid games to choose between, with almost every theme you can think of, players should have no trouble finding a game that suits them down to the ground. To give you a better idea of the diversity of games available at online casinos, here are five of their most popular multi-line slots.

Wonderland Slots

As the name suggests, this multiline slot is based on Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s novel Alice in Wonderland. From the ‘eat me’ signs to the Mad Hatter, all your favourite characters and symbols are here. With a twinkling soundtrack and some stunning visuals, this is one of the most aesthetically appealing online slots games at online casinos. The game has no less than four bonus rounds, the Croquet Lawn, the Mad Tea Party, Painting the Roses, and the Queen’s Court, all recreating a memorable scene from the book in prize-winning style.

Fun of the Fair Slots

Everyone loves the funfair, from the cacophonous yet joyful noise of the calliope organ to the tangy delights of munching on candy floss. This game gives those who are playing slots online have the chance to recreate this formative experience in the form of a fun multiline slot. As you might expect, the bonus rounds are all based on popular fairground attractions, including the Derby Rolls, the Duck Shoot, and the Punchball – all inviting you to test your skill and strength for some big cash prizes.

Winstones Slots

The Winstones, who bear no relation to the similar-sounding prehistoric cartoon sitcom characters that we might be more familiar with, have their own prehistoric cartoon slots game at Jackpotjoy. Unusually for a stone-age couple, they have their own casino, and they have invited you to play for big cash prizes. Just watch out for the dinosaurs – you wouldn’t like to see them when they are angry!

Twins of Evil Slots

If all this cartoon-themed online slots madness is getting a bit too twee for you, there is a perfect antidote – the Hammer Horror-themed Twins of Evil. Based on the classic 1971 movie, in which twins are pitted against each other in the ultimate battle of good vs evil, this game features a bonus round which invites you to spot the evil twin from a painting of the two – pick the good twin and you could be set for a big cash payout.


X Factor: Steps to Stardom

How’s your singing voice? Don’t worry, you won’t need it to win big cash prizes at this slots game. With a wide variety of scatter and bonus symbols in this chart-topping game, you can be as off-key as you like as long as your luck is in! Just don’t expect Simon Cowell to congratulate you afterwards…