Slots Variations

Online Progressive Jackpots

One of the most fun ways to enjoy Swiss Casino online games, is playing games with progressive jackpots like the "Powerball" and "Mega Millions" lotteries in the United States. Every time you spin the reels, play a hand or through the wide, you contribute to the jackpot for everyone playing. The first person to make a lucky combination wins the entire pot! This offers hours of play with the potential to change your life just within your grasp.

Progressive jackpots can reach dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per game. While many people think of progressive slots, there are other types of progressive jackpot games as well, including progressive blackjack, poker, roulette and more.

List of Progressive Jackpot Games at Swiss Casino

Slots: Queen of the Pyramids,Wall Street Fever, Fruit Mania, Diamond Valley, Cinerama, Magic Slots, Gold Rally, SafeCracker

Cards: Progressive Blackjack, Jacks or Better - ten-hand poker game, Progressive Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Genie's Hi-Lo

Other: Winners Club - progressive scratch-off games, Megaball - traditional lotto-style progressive gaming, Jackpot Darts - virtual darts are thrown at a virtual dartboard, Wild Viking - progressive card/roulette hybrid

Why Play Progressive Jackpots at Swiss Casino?

Swiss Casino has already established itself as a high-quality online gaming site with a great support community and excellent rates. The games available at Swiss Casino are colorful, friendly and interesting, and they have a high chance of success. People win the progressive jackpots every day! When a jackpot is worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is nothing to shake your head at. You could be a winner today too!

Progressive jackpot games offer you the chance to get an immediate, incredible payoff. Whereas typical slots winnings might be in the tens of dollars and get you a free lunch, winning a progressive jackpot could get you a new car or house. Each of the above games typically has a large progressive jackpot steadily growing in size. The trick to winning is to find the game that you like and play it until you make bank!

Common and Uncommon Progressive Jackpot Types and How They Work

Progressive slots are easy to understand. You play slots normally unless you get a special combination, usually something like 7-7-7 or a similar high-dollar themed choice. If you get that combo, you hit the jackpot!

Progressive cards are a bit more difficult. If you get the royal flush in poker, the progressive jackpot is yours. If you make a side-bet that you'll get a certain hand in blackjack and your bet pays off, you win.

Other games rely on a slew of unique rules to determine your jackpot eligibility. These include drawing jokers in the Wild Viking game for your first and fifth cards, hitting the lotto number in Megaball, and scratching off the right combination in Winners Club. Progressive jackpots tend to make games that much more fun. Try Swiss Casino progressive games today!