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Mobile casinos VS the desktop ones

How does your perfect online casino look like? Okay, the selection of games is probably the first thing you pay attention to - the more, the better! It is also great if these games are provided by famous software developers. What else? Obviously, the welcome promotion - it can give you a cool boost! Other bonuses and their wagering requirements are important as well. It’s also amazing when the casino provides great customer support. Yeah, no one likes when the agents are always offline or can’t answer even the simplest questions. We know, there are plenty of factors which you consider when choosing a gambling website. And, for sure, you want your perfect casino to be compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile casinos VS the desktop ones

If the casino is mobile friendly, you can play it whenever and wherever you want. In this case, you need only two things: your gadget and an Internet connection. And the desktop version, apart from the Internet, requires a computer or a laptop, electricity, etc. Besides, computers and laptops need a lot of space, while mobile gadgets allow you to move around without any inconveniences. Are there any other differences between the desktop version and the mobile one? Sure, there are several of them:

The size of the screen. That’s the most obvious difference!

No mouse or touchpads - you use your fingers instead of them. Keep in mind that if your phone is pretty old (without a touchscreen), navigating the casino, and enjoying mobile slots and other games can be virtually impossible;

Graphics quality. Yes, the mobile version can look a bit different, but, you know, sometimes it looks even better than the original one;

The selection of games. Usually, the mobile casino offers fewer games than the desktop one, and this is the most significant difference.

Sometimes playing mobile slots and other games on your smartphone requires a special application. Check this on the casino’s website or contact the support. By the way, if the support doesn’t manage to answer this question (it’s very simple, come on!) or makes you wait for ages, that’s a good reason to start searching for another casino.

Here is one more thing you have to know - some online casinos are not mobile friendly. In our age of sophisticated technology, this sounds virtually insane, but it’s true. And the absence of the mobile version is one more reason to choose another gambling website