Slots Variations

Las Vegas Slots Parlors

Slot machines have become extremely popular since they had first been launched. Today there are quite a lot of different types of slots which can be found in casinos including video slot machines which are easy and fun to play. However, when it comes to slot machines it always seems that you never ever win. There are players who play the slot machines all their life but are never able to win anything substantial out of them.

Las Vegas games with the best payouts

The Nevada State Gaming Commission calculated the payout percentage of the casinos of different areas in Las Vegas. The areas which were covered by the report had been North Las Vegas, the Boulder Strip, downtown and the strip. Given below is a list of what the payout percentage is for different wagered amount.

  • 1 cent slot machines - North Las Vegas 90.69%, Boulder Strip - 90.03%, downtown, 88.68% and the strip - 88.35%
  • 5 cent slot machines - North Las Vegas - 94.81%, Boulder strip - 95.41%, downtown, 91.12% and the strip - 89.23%
  • 25 cent slot machines - North Las Vegas - 96.44%, Boulder strip - 96.82%, downtown - 94.54% and the strip - 91.93%
  • $1 slot machines - North Las Vegas - 90.01%, Boulder strip 96.77%, downtown - 95.38% and the strip 93.65%
  • $5 slot machines - North Las Vegas - 94.75%, Boulder strip - 96.02%, downtown 95.11% and the strip 94.84%
  • $25 slot machines - North Las Vegas N/A, Boulder strip - 95.42%, downtown 96.38% and the strip 96.16%

Downtown vs. The Strip

In Las Vegas, the two most popular tourist destinations are The Strip and Downtown. According to the studies which were done by the gaming commission of Nevada, downtown offers slightly better chances of winning to players. However, the locals prefer North Las Vegas and Boulder Highway and these two areas are the ones which offer the best payout rate. However, players who want to have better chances of winning do not have to considered just the geographical location while searching for the right slot machines. Several times, a very loose slot machine can be found even near the front desk of a casino.

Las Vegas slot parlors and casinos which offer the best payouts

There are quite a lot of casinos which rely exclusively on the slot machine business. There are also plenty of good slot parlors in Vegas and these establishments cannot really afford to have stingy slots. Some of the best known casinos in Las Vegas for playing the slots are Stardust and Circus Circus along with all the older casinos which are located at the northern end of the Vegas Strip.

These casinos, especially the older ones set their machines to be looser in order to draw in larger crowds. Even the slot machines in the Palms resort have a 93.42% payout percentage. Some of the loosest slot machines can be found at Texas Station, Sam’s Town, Union Plaza, El Cortez, Boulder Station, the Palms and Fiesta Rancho. So players who are interested in earning some serious money at the slots should consider playing at these casinos.