Slots Variations

Land Slot Machines vs Online Slots

Slots have become quite popular ever since they had first been launched. There are quite a lot of people who visit the casinos just to play the slot machines. Today even the online casinos have online slots. However, the question always remains, which ones are better? The battle between land based slots vs. online slots always continues. There are a few advantages of both land based slots as well as online slots. There are quite a lot of people who always seem to prefer the look and feel of real land based slots while other prefer the comfort of playing online slots from their own house.

Fantasy trips, action from your favorite comic book heroes, treasure hunts, adventures, you can savor it all right from your home when you play online slots at an online casino. So log in to a casino of your choice and get ready for the time of your life.

Land Slots

Exciting and delightful atmosphere

Long lines

Going out

Slim possibility to play at your favorite place

Online Slots

Virtual model

Start the game whenever you want

Staying home

Side variety of slot designs

Live Slots

The traditional land based slots are coin operated. The players have to insert one or more coins in the slot and then the game would begin. There are three reels to five reels in most slot machines. These reels would start spinning once the coin is inserted and the lever is pulled or the button is hit.

The land based slots today have currency detectors, which check whether the player has inserted the correct number of coins in the machines or not. In case the player wins, the machine will also count out the prize money and deliver it to the player. The decision whether a player wins or not is based on the pattern of the symbols that are displayed on the screen once the reels stop spinning.

Obviously, the entire experience of playing in land based slots in a casino is totally brilliant. The player can enjoy the look, feel and the sound of the machine in a real casino and can enjoy an evening out with drinks. Being in an actual casino and playing land based slots has its own advantages.

Online Slots

Although most casinos have the rooms, filled with land based slots,  but the variety of the online slots in online casinos is just overwhelming. In land based casinos there are a lot of different land based slots from the classic three reel machines to the multiple pay lines and bonus rounds.

However, in online casinos there is a wider variety of online slots available. Online casinos can have as many as 200 different online slots or even more. For this reason, players can easily find the type of slot machine that appeals to their fancy. There are traditional, Japanese versions of online slots and a number of other types. In online slots, the entire game is played on the computer screens. Because of the flashy layout, the experience does seem to be quite real and attractive.

Another benefit of online slots is that the player does not really have to go to an actual casino. The player can play online slots any time, any day from home. The service is always at the fingertips of the customer and there is no waiting in line to use the machine.

When you playing slots online you can minimize your losses using loss prevention techniques.

Land based slots vs. online slots - which ones are better? The answer is different for every player!