Slots Variations

Japanese Slot Machines

Trying the casinos in the countries that you visit or gambling in other countries can be quite an amazing experience, since it allows you getting in touch with a different side of the culture of the country. In Japan there are several different types of gambling games, some of which are internationally known, like the horse races and the Pachinko slot machines.

Gambling in Japan

In Japan, gambling without permission or on private occasions is considered to be illegal like in quite a lot of other countries. In Japan, gambling is strictly controlled by the government which tries to keep them as healthy as possible for the locals. For every type of gamble there is a different ministry which regulates it. There aren’t really any casinos in Japan, but horse races and slot machines are the most popular gambling games in Japan.

In fact, most of these slot machine parlors are a big rage in Japan and tend to remain crowded all throughout the day and even at night.


In Japan, the horse races, bike races, boat races and auto races are considered to be legal. In fact, the races are quite popular with the locals, especially the horse races. In Tokyo there is a race course, which is famous for its night race. The Bike racing is also quite popular in Japan along with the boat races. However, the boat races are not as popular as the horse races. The auto races are motorbikes as well as cars.

Slot machines

For those, who are looking for a true gambling experience in Japan, to try the slot machines would be the best option. The slot machines are quite popular even with the locals since they allow them a chance to win large amount of bonuses. In Japan, there are quite a lot of Las Vegas styled slot machines. These machines caused great interest of the locals. However, the local versions of the slot machines are a lot more famous. The Pachinko and Pachisuro machines are extremely popular in Japan and there are thousands of exclusive Pachinko parlors all over Japan.


Pachinko is a very traditional and classic Japanese game, which has been played in Japan for decades. This game is similar to pinball but it allows the players to win large bonuses. For this reason thousands of pachinko parlors have sprung up all over Japan today. These machines are very colorfully decorated and are known to give out high odds to the players.


The Pachisuro is the modern take on the more traditional Pachinko machines. These are much like the modern slot machines and can be found in quite a lot of different locations all through Japan. These slot machines are very famous with the locals since it is believed that they are beatable. Though the prizes seem to be quite small, the machines are known to continuously give out the prizes, because of which they are very famous with the locals.

But if you are a fan of the classic slots, so, you can try British variant, called fruit machines, or Australian pokies.