Slots Variations

Important Slots Terms

Existing fans of online casinos and the hundreds of online slots games they offer are probably aware that along with rules and regulations, the gameplay also comes with a lot of specialised lingo you may not immediately understand. Before you go diving headlong into the world of online slots, here are a few useful terms to familiarise yourself with so that you fully understand the game and how it works.

Bonuses are an important part of any online slots game, and identifying them may help you choose which games you want to play. Bonuses usually come in the form of special features such as mini games which give you the chance to earn some extra cash. They are usually associated with the theme of the game and will link in nicely with the title. Bonuses are usually activated automatically when you land on a certain combination of symbols on the slots’ reels.

Pay lines can be straight or zig zag across the slots’ reels. These mark where a winning combination of symbols must land in order for you, the player, to receive a pay-out. Whilst more traditional slots could have up to nine different pay lines, modern video slots can include up to one hundred. The amount of pay lines and where they are placed can affect your chances and also the amount of pay-out you will receive.

To go with the pay lines of the slot, the pay-out table is a very important aspect of the game that you should definitely be familiar with. This table is usually displayed beneath the main game on the computer screen and will inform you the level of pay-out you could receive for each different combination of symbols, depending on how much you bet on your spin. Higher bets can result in higher pay-outs, but they may also lead to greater losses.