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Diamond Slot Machines - Choosing the Best Game

The Diamond slot machines have been immensely popular ever since they had first been launched. The popularity of these slot machines had been so high that over the years the manufacturers had constantly upgraded these machines in order to make them more popular.

The Double Diamond slot machines

The Double Diamond slot machines are quite easily recognizable. These slot machines offered the classic spinning reels slot games to the players. The Double Diamond slot machines had been created by the International Game Technology. These slot machines had been made available in all the casinos in the beginning of the 1980s.

Ever since then the Double Diamond slot machines had been the most popular slot machines which were ever produced by IGT. The demand for these machines had been so great that the manufacturers had consistently upgraded the slot machines over the games. The manufacturer had released more than 30 different variations of these Double Diamond slot machines in the past 20 years.

Online Double Diamond slot machines

The Double Diamond slot machines are not really available online since the rights to distribute these slots are owned by WagerWorks. WagerWorks owns the right to distribute versions of this game and they haven’t yet released it online. However, knock offs are still available and the offer nearly the same experience as the original slot machines. Recreational players find online Double Diamond slot games interesting like the Double Diamond 2000, Double Diamond Deluxe and the Double Diamond Spin.

Double Diamond Spin

The Double Diamond Spin game has three reels and one payline. With this lot machine there are about two credits which the players can bet for every spin.

Double Diamond Deluxe

The Double Diamond Deluxe version of the slot machines offers five reels along with 20 paylines. The bets start at $0.01 for every line and the maximum amount of bet is $5 for every bet. The game features as many as 12 free spins, a jackpot till $15,000 and several wild symbols.

The Double Diamond 2000

The Double Diamond 2000 is another very well liked version of the slot machine. This slot machine has 3 reels and 9 paylines. The players can bet up to 20 credits for every line. There are bonus rounds, multipliers and several other interesting features offered by this slot machine.

All the online casinos do not have the same Double Diamond games or even the progressive jackpots. However, those which do have the progressive jackpots are system wide which means that every bet which is placed on the slot machine throughout the entire network will help the jackpot to grow until it is won by a player.

The Diamond slot machines can be found in casinos throughout the US. Atlantic City and Vegas casinos all have the Diamond slot machines. They have been successful for 20 years and are regarded with much respect in the gaming industry. These machines are considered to be all time classics with their charming whistles and bells which keep the players coming back for more.