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A brief history of slots

The Internet makes our lives significantly easier. You can work at home, order food, gadgets, and clothes online (actually, you can order online virtually anything), talk to your friends even in case they live very far from you, study, watch stupid (but funny!) videos about cats, and so on. The internet allows you to do anything without leaving your home, and playing casino slots is also on this list. You don’t need to get an expensive suit, to look like a Hollywood star, to spend time on driving to a land-based casino… You can play while sitting in your favorite armchair, waiting for your bus or standing in an extremely long line. But, obviously, things weren’t like this all the time.

A brief history of slots

Let’s have a short history lesson! The first slot machine was completely mechanical, and it saw the world in 1895. It was invented by Charles Fey, and it became very-very popular. The construction was simple - the machine had only 3 reels with playing cards and bells as symbols. Oh, by the way, the first slot was called the Liberty Bell! At some point, the cards were replaced with fruits and candies, and these “edible” symbols can still be seen in some online slots. This machine (and plenty of those slots which were constructed a bit later), had no button, only a special lever which you had to pull every time you wanted to spin. That’s why such slots were called “one-armed bandits”. Actually, this nickname is still alive - some people still call casino slots like this even in case they have the button instead of the lever.

Electronic slots replaced the mechanical ones by the 1980s, and, obviously, this upgrade made them even more popular than before. And when the Random Number Generator (you know, that technology which made cheating on slots impossible) was introduced, the popularity of this kind of games increased again. Besides, the RNG technology triggered the appearance of progressive slots. They also became pretty popular - everyone wants a jackpot! But before we go further, here is a little tip for you - choose progressive slots with smaller jackpots. This way you will increase your chances of winning.

Online casinos appeared in the 1990s, and at the moment there are hundreds of such websites on the Internet. They make gambling more convenient since you can play wherever and whenever you want. Besides, some online casinos have a much wider selection of games than the land-based ones.

Okay, the lesson is over! Now you know a brief history of slot machines, so good luck with playing them!