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Big Bertha Slot Machine

When the slot machines had been first made, they gained popularity very soon. Soon enough the slot machines manufacturers were in a race to make the best slot machines. Very soon, every one wanted to make the biggest slot machine possible. This is how the Big Bertha slot machines had been first made.

The Big Bertha slot machines

The Big Bertha slot machines had been six by ten foot and had cost more than $150,000 to produce. The machine had been powered by an electric motor with five horsepower. The machine had needed that much power to drive the 21 inch wide chain driven wheels.

There had been eight reels in the machines which contained 20 symbols each and there had been 25.6 billion different combinations possible. Out of these many billion combinations only one had been the jackpot winning combination. The jackpot had been one million dollars. What this means is that if a player wanted to win the jackpot, he/she would have to pull the lever around 205 billion times at the rate of $1 per spin. From the casinos point of view this slot machine had been quite profitable.

Since there had been a total of 160 symbols on the reels, there was a greater degree of randomness. In that era, the slot machines were limited to three reels which were limited to 15 reel symbols and therefore the maximum payout was not more than several hundred dollars. The casino owners then had wanted to offer more and larger jackpots in order to bring in more customers. For this reason, the Big Bertha had been more popular with the casinos.

The Super Big Bertha slot machines

When the Big Bertha had first been debuted, it had been very successful. For this reason, it had very soon been replaced by the Super Big Bertha. The Super Big Bertha had been even grander than the original slot machine. The Super Big Bertha had a total eight reels and there had been 20 symbols on each reel. This machine had cost $150,000 for manufacturing and the availability of the machine had always been limited. The casinos in Las Vegas had often featured the Super Big Bertha slot machines and the large jackpots offered by this machine and drawn in a lot of gamblers.

The only problems with the Big Bertha slot machine had been the high cost and the astronomical high odds of hitting the jackpot. The odds of getting the jackpot had been just one in more than 15 billion spins.

The Super Big Bertha had all the other such machines had been made obsolete once the slot machines with the random number generator had been introduced. The RNG is the computer program which is responsible for selecting the outcome of the winning number combinations. The RNG randomly selected the winning numbers which corresponded to the symbols which would then be displayed on the screen. With the introduction of the RNG, the video slot machines and the progressive slot machines had been introduced.