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Australian Pokies - Assue Slot Machines

In the US they are known as the slot machines, in the UK they are called the fruit machines and in Australia they are known as the Australian Pokies. No matter what their name can be, table games are being put aside as the slot machines are popular all across the world. The Australian pokies are both land based and online slot machines.

The Australian slot machines

The Australian slot machines are quite similar to the 5-reel slot machines. These machines can be found at clubs, pubs and in casinos. Also, the Australian slots are quite popular even online. These machines are a lot more complicated than the slots, which can be found in the US and players will need some time to read and understand the paytable. However, it is not very difficult to learn how to play the Australian pokies. There are so many different options you have when playing Aussie Pokies, everything from the number of paylines, reels, jackpot options and betting limits!

These machines offer an option of betting with multiple coins. There is actually no advantage to the player in betting several coins but when a player does that, the bonuses and the winnings will be multiplied according to the number of coins used for betting. You don't need to bet a lot of money to play mobile slot games at Some games allow you to play for just a few pennies or even less. Of course, to be eligible for some of the really big jackpots, you usually have to bet the maximum amount.

The Australian slot machines are quite more profitable than the other gambling games and on an average the players are able to get back 80-90% of the money that they spend on the slot machines. These slot machines are considered to be one of the most profitable casino games too. In fact, these Australian slot machines are in fact poker machines, which is why they are known as pokies.

The online Australian pokies

For quite a lot of people the world Australian pokies might seem to be a little peculiar. However, its just the same as all the other online slot machines and only the name is different. Australian online pokies offer interesting entertainments as well as all other slot machines.

The earliest ever gambling machines had pictures of playing cards and hands which is why they were known as poker machines. Australians very soon took to these machines. However, as with everything else they soon enough changed the name of the machines and started calling them “pokies”. Since then the word pokies has stuck to the machines.

Ever since the Australian pokies had been introduced in Australia, hordes of locals used to hang out at the clubs and pubs in order to play them till around the mid 90s. That was when the online casinos had been first introduced. Since then people do not really have to go to the casinos or to the pubs in order to play the pokies but they can do so from the comfort of their home. The online Australian slots are known as the online Australian pokies. These are quite comfortable and a lot more entertaining too. Also, the variety of the pokies available online is overwhelming. Though there are quite a lot of different varieties of pokies available even in casinos, there is a greater variety available today online because they have become popular all over the world. You might also like Japanese variant of the slots called Pachisuro.